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According to a report from Jarek “DeKay” Lewis of Dexerto and confirmed by FACEIT to VPEsports, Owen “smooya” Butterfield has been banned from the FACEIT Pro League (FPL). The ban is listed as indefinite although the report states it will be reviewed in the coming weeks and is not necessarily permanent. FACEIT confirmed to VPEsports that the ban is in fact temporary.

Screenshots obtained for the report show FACEIT’s Milos “Mikey” Nedeljkovic providing some insight into the ban, “After recent events + many clips that resurfaced we decided to bench Smooya in FPL. To give him some time to clear his thoughts and adjust his behavior, which recently was out of control in the FPL.”

“He will reflect on everything and calm down without potentially saying any career ending words in FPL, so we are giving him some time off to clear his head. Just wanted you guys to know why you won’t see him around,” Nedeljkovic went on to say in what appears to be a letter to players or staff members.

(Photo: DeKay (Twitter))

This comes as a result of remarks made following a poor interaction between the banned player and Ismail ‘Refrezh’ Ali of OpTic Gaming in which the now banned player told latter to “kill yourself.”

smooya recently stepped down him Berlin International Gaming (BIG) and is awaiting a post-Major shuffle to find a home. Remarks and situations such as this one can certainly hinder his ability to find a home and this should hopefully be a lesson learned moment for the UK player.

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