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It’s been awhile since we’ve been excited to watch an MIBR game given the turmoil that’s been taking place in that camp since its reintroduction to the scene under the Immortal Gaming Company (IGC) umbrella. With the recent performance of the new* MIBR lineup, it may be time to believe again.

*Currently the trio joining Vito “⁠kNgV-⁠” Giuseppe and Alencar “⁠trk⁠” Rossato are listed as stand-ins.

Since the shakeup that saw Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, Epitacio “TACO” De Melo, and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo step away from the lineup, it had been relatively quiet until MIBR officially brought in Lucas “⁠LUCAS1⁠” Teles, Vinicius “⁠vsm⁠” Moreira and Leonardo “⁠leo_drk⁠” Oliveira as stand-ins for the remainder of the year.

One of the biggest concerns regarding keeping this lineup around is vsm’s 2013 VAC ban. One of the most promising talents in the Brazilian scene, given Valve’s current stance on the matter he’d be unable to participate in any Valve sponsored event.

In their debut match together, the fiery lineup took on the kings of Denmark, Astralis. While The Brazilians fell in the three-map battle, they forced Vertigo into overtime and stole away Nuke before a relatively one-sided loss on Inferno. For a relatively new lineup, this was a strong performance, however, many were questioning whether it was just a flash in the pan.

In a Brazilian derby, MIBR met FURIA in their next match at BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020. FURIA had been a force in recent months, claiming the title of the top team in the North America region with multiple victories of Liquid and Evil Geniuses. MIBR were not worried about those results though, they were living in the now.

MIBR stormed out the gate taking FURIA’s stronghold map of Nuke 16-9 and putting their Brazilian brothers on the back foot. FURIA settled in on Inferno, a map clearly not favoring the new lineup at the moment as they were defeated 16-11. Vertigo would be the decider and see MIBR take it in what can only be considered a bloodbath. The 16-4 win sealed the deal for MIBR, shocking fans all around the world.

trk finished the series with an impressive +18 kill-to-death differential while leo_drk held a team high 85.1 average damage per round.

This win would set up a match against the new G2 lineup featuring Nikola “NiKo” Kovač who had also been looking rejuvenated in recent outings. MIBR showed strength on Nuke once again, but wouldn’t be able to pull off their map pick as the French & Bosnian lineup took it in overtime 19-16 despite kNgV-‘s stellar performance.

The Brazilians would return the favor though, taking G2’s pick of Dust2 in an overtime victory of their own on the back of 94.7 ADR and a +9 k/d for trk. The hopeful run for vsm and company would end on Train where they were decisively defeated 16-5 to conclude their time in the event.

While the team went 1-2 in games, the strength they presented against some of the worlds best teams, taking maps and forcing overtime is something to take note of if you’re a fan of the game and worth hanging your hat on if you’re the brand new roster.

We’ll get another look at this MIBR lineup with some more practice under their belt at the upcoming FLASHPOINT 2 which kicks off on November 10th and then again as they participate in the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown on November 24th.

As of now, the new MIBR is giving hope to fans of the brand and region that the previous lineup once provided and FURIA has been carrying the mantle for.

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