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CompLexity are one of the first two teams to make it to the Legends Stage at FACEIT Major London. The second team will be decided later today. Overall, I’ve been impressed by what the team has pulled out overall.


In the Challengers Stage they had wins over Space Soldiers, BIG, and Vega. Their one loss came from Astralis, which you’d expect. In that stage that only played inferno. In the Legends Stage they had three wins over Fnatic, G2, and BIG. The maps they played on were inferno, cache, and nuke. When I generally look at teams passing the group stage I also evaluate the teams they had to play. While I don’t think this is the hardest run possible (right now it’s likely Astralis or Na`Vi who are doing this), I do think this was a good run. Fnatic have been a solid team, G2 have looked better with each passing tournament, and BIG are renowned for their teamplay and structure.


So far we’ve seen seven maps from the compLexity side. In that time, I’ve got a better view of the team and how it functions. I think ShahZam and yay are their two best and most consistent players. Dephh is solid and ANDROID has some killer impact rounds. Stanislaw is better on this squad than he was at the end of his tenure on Liquid and still has a good sense of timing.


In terms of map pool, I can’t read them that much as we only saw inferno played multiple times. It’s hard to evaluate their average levels on Cache or Nuke without a larger sample size. What I can say is that their strategy is very stanislaw. They like to switch up pace between executes, dry hits, and 4-1 plays. There are also a few small things that I saw from them that I liked. For instance, stanislaw’s one way smoke on banana, or yay’s standing peak that killed tizian to break open ramp room on nuke (he also had something like this on cache against anyone on boost).


Finally, in terms of organization aspect, I’ve heard a lot of good things about the compLexity team. FNS has come out and said that they were an incredibly professional team that gave some of the best support he ever had even though he was only there for a short period of time. I’ve seen some of their videos and their coach Rambo seems to have a very good idea of how to structure efficient practice and help the team grow. While it’s hard to know how much he’s done for the team, I think he must have a positive effect. Finally, compLexity have capitalized on creating a good roster. They were able to take Stanislaw and Shahzam when OpTic dropped the ball and were able to identify younger talent like ANDROID and yay.


Overall, compLexity have been a solid side going through this event and their future looks bright when you consider they have a good leader in Stanislaw, arguably the best AWPer in NA with ShahZam, and a bunch of young rising talent.

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