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compLexity are now 2-0 in the FACEIT Major London Legends Stage. While the team showed a lot of good things in the Challengers Stage, they had only played on inferno. They played on it again on the first day of the Legends Stage against Fnatic where they smashed them 16-4.


Today was a bit different as G2 didn’t allow inferno through and so the game was set on cache. This was an interesting game in terms of what it shows us about both teams. In compLexity’s case, they first showed a good T-side in that they used a deathball style. They either did an execute or did dry hits and broke the G2 side. Yay in particular continues to impress me with his performance as an individual player.


On the other side of the equation, we saw good and bad things from the G2 roster. The communication, the team play, and the setups weren’t well thought out on Cache. As THREAT said on the desk, there are two meta ways to play the CT-side. You can either play retake on A or stack it and fight out any team that goes there. In G2’s case, they instead had setups where they couldn’t trade out evenly or they had players go in one by one without trade potential. It is either communication or pressure issues, or a combination of both.


The good thing for G2 is that Shox is a god. He almost lived up to the moniker of Shoxiejesus as he nearly resurrected G2 by himself in that game. I think G2 played a good game against HellRaisers and a bad game against compLexity (which isn’t to take away how coL won this game). For them, if they play closer to how they did against HellRaisers and if Shox continues to be playing at superstar levels (which has been the case since DreamHack Valencia), G2 have a good chance to make it through this group stage.

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