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While it feels like an age ago, coming into 2018 MIBR was looking to be one of the best teams in the world. They had an inspired run at the end of 2017 and many believed that they were going to be able to carry it going on into 2018. That never happened and that particular lineup was never able to reach the same heights.


At the very end of that lineup, it was a terrible time for Boltz. The team had tried to kick him along with TACO during the period when they tried to get s1mple and flamie. Soon after TACO left the team and they had the period where everyone was adjusting to calling in English with Stewie2k. After that he was benched for tarik.


During that period, I don’t think Boltz was doing well at all. However, I think there were mitigating circumstances surrounding that period. We know now that the team no longer had the hard work culture that defined them from previous periods. They had multiple roster changes and as a support player, he must have lost confidence when his team tried to kick him the first time.


So while it was a bad time for Boltz, I still think he can be a fantastic player. That’s why I was excited when I read the report from Dekay that he is joining Luminosity. I thought he was a great player from 2015-2017 whether that was a star, in-game leader, or support player. I think he is one of the missing pieces that Brazil need to have a second internationally competitive roster outside of MIBR.

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Sources: Boltz set to rejoin Luminosity Gaming

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