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Jordan “Scubby” Selleck, a partnered Twitch personality, is under fire for comments made during his stream about others wanting to committing suicide–and apparently Twitch is ok with it.

When asked what he would do if someone confided in him that they wanted to commit suicide, Selleck said, “I would dare them to do it and then I would never talk to them again. If I saw them in real life again, I’d be like wow dude, you didn’t commit suicide. I cannot be surrounded by people that do that shit, I will literally lose my mind.”

These comments came in response to a situation where “minny”, a female Twtich streamer, reached out for help through a series of tweets, intimating she was contemplating suicide.

And when Lauren “MsTeamKK” Johnson, also a Twitch streamer, saw those tweets, she reached out to help. Johnson offered up her residence as a place to relax and looked into the safety of the other streamer. After the ending everyone wanted to this particular situation–nobody being hurt–Selleck’s comments infuriated Johnson.

Two days ago, Johnson lost someone close to her–from committing suicide.

“I never had any intention of sharing her story. Because it really isn’t my story to tell,” Johnson told VPEsports. “But when I saw the video…I know what he said comes from a place of complete an utter ignorance. He [Scubby] has obviously never dealt with or been associated with someone who has felt the world would be better off without them.

The normally mild-mannered Johnson got angry.

“I was at the gym and I was furious,” Johnson said. “I don’t get mad very easily nor do I involve myself in controversial stuff very often, but I went home sat down and thought about the best way I could share what happened to me, have people relate in a way that would help people, and hold people accountable. Telling the story was the best way.”

Johnson just isn’t angry about Selleck’s remarks, she is bothered by the lack of oversight from the moderators at Twitch.

“Enough’s enough, On [Twitch] there is very little censorship unless it comes to nudity,” Johnson opined. “People can say whatever they want. They forget that the audience is made up mostly of 13-year olds, with that 13-18 year range making up a majority of the audience.”

Apparently, Selleck’s comments aren’t enough to to get warned, reprimanded, suspended, or banned from Twitch.

Sources have come forward saying that Selleck was reported many times for his comments, yet nothing has been done. When VPEsports reached out to Twitch, sending the video in question, the company spokesperson said they would review the video.

The comments made by Selleck come at a time when mental health and inclusiveness issues are at the forefront of esports. The recent drama between Scott “SirScoots” Smith and Team Kaliber Owner Jason “KOSDFF” Chandler took center stage. The feud sparked an emotional reaction from the esports community, prompting popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive presenter and stream James Banks to film and release a video that takes a long hard look at his own battle with depression.

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