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Southeast Asia’s closed qualifier for The International 2019 have been going on since yesterday with eight of the region’s teams fighting for a single spot at TI9. Earlier today we saw four of those eight teams get eliminated, not making it to the playoff stage, including BOOM ID.

With each region only having one spot available at The International 2019 from their closed qualifiers, SEA was definitely set to be one of the most intense regions – with teams such as Mineski and BOOM ID. The aforementioned were also the only two teams to receive a direct invite into the closed qualifier, while the other six came through the open qualifiers.

Unfortunately for BOOM ID, even though they seemed to be an extremely dominant squad, they were part of the first four teams from the region to be taken out of the running for TI9. While they had shown that they had the will to win – even bringing in a very well-known ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mineski coach, Aaron ‘Clairvoyance’ Kim to assist, they just could not seem to make it in the qualifiers. Also failing to make the playoff stage of the qualifier was EVOS Esports, Resurgence and the Vietnamese squad that seemed extremely likely to challenge for the prize, 496 Gaming.

image: Liquipedia

That leaves just four teams remaining to fight for the ultimate prize, a spot at TI9 – Team Jinesbrus, Team Androit, Team Amplfy and Mineski. Currently, it seems that the Jinesbrus squad, an epic stack of well-known Dota 2 talent, are primed to go all the way. But playoffs are tougher than best-of-ones and they still have a long way to go.

The SEA qualifier continues tomorrow with the first round of the playoff stage which will see Mineski taking on Jinesbrus and Androit going up against Amplfy before Wednesday will give us our champion who will head to The International 2019.

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