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For the past week, the biggest drama of the gaming industry has been the launch of Warcraft 3: Reforged — the remake of the 2002 classic RTS by Blizzard Entertainment. After lavish promises of thoroughly upgraded experience, new UI, and “reforged” cutscenes, Reforged launched to a sea of bugs, missing features, and horrible user experience.

The wave of discontent quickly took the form of review bombing and at the time of writing, Reforged holds a record-low 0.5 score on Metacritic. Negative feelings towards the product were further exasperated after buyers found out there isn’t even an easy way to refund their purchases, especially if they had played a certain amount of hours already.

Eventually, Blizzard caved and offered an automatic refund for Reforged, but not before some users had bizarre dealings with Reforged customer support. Posted on reddit by one u/Leorius_645, the exchange features one of the weirdest justifications on why a refund is impossible.

“To know if it was what was promised, I had to play through a bit. There are bugs and it is very different to what was shown. I purchased under the perception of something different to what I played,” Leiorius_645 says, adding: “I hate to use the term false advertising, but that’s what it feels like in this regard…”

The response of Blizzard’s Nypolden is brilliant in its own way.

“And how was it falsely advertised? Did you not get a RTS game?”

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After Leorius tries to argue against Nypolden’s oversimplification, saying that a product needs to do more than just “fulfilling the genre” — because of course it does — they are cut off: “Since there isn’t anything else I can address, I’ll need to end the chat. Have a good day.”

It’s worth noting that this exchange happened before Blizzard allowed automatic refunds and that Nypolden themselves are not really to blame for the refund policy, although their justification remains inexplainable, to say the least.

There are more mind-boggling adventures from Reforged users who encountered customer support. After Reforged landed and upgraded all Warcraft 3 clients to Reforged ones, Reddit user /u/Leri_ woke up to find their computer is no longer powerful enough to run the classic Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. He goes on a mission to get a refund on those.

Naturally, they meet resistance from the support staff because, granted, it’s almost an unreasonable request. Getting a refund on a game you purchased more than a decade ago from a local game retailer is quite the stretch, but one can sympathize with Leri’s case: they once bought a game that no longer works, because they were needlessly “updated” by a game they didn’t even buy.

After five pages of chatting with four different GMs, the last one, Jestefrell, tells Leri to just… update their PC.

“TFT is still connected to your account and the game is playable. If you are not able to play it now, then it won’t go anywhere. You can simply leave it as-is until you get a PC that can install the new game.”

Although one can sympathize with Reforged’s customer support, forced to deal with a massive, angry community, one has to wonder how many bizarre stories like these will appear in the coming weeks, as the public discontent towards Reforged does not seem to be declining.

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