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According to former Blizzard game developer David Gibson, Blizzard has scrapped a new title that’s been in development for the last two years. Gibson, who said on Twitter that Wednesday was his last day at the game giant, wrote that “unfortunately you’ll never see what we made over the past 2 years.”

Gibson started with Blizzard Entertainment in 2015 as a senior animator on Overwatch but move to an “unannounced project” in 2017, on which he’s been working ever since — or at least until its scrapping.

That’s not surprising, actually. Blizzard are known for having only a few very popular franchises, but that’s not because the company doesn’t develop anything else. The history of the cancelled titles is well documented, which includes highly-expected games like StarCraft: Ghost, Warcraft Adventures, and, of course, Titan — the MMO from whose ashes Overwatch was born. In fact, Allen Adham, executive producer at Blizzard, told Game Informer last November that one out of every two games the company starts developing never gets finished.

“The truth is, behind the curtain, it’s a horror show. But most people outside of Blizzard don’t realize around half of our titles don’t see the light of day. So, people who think we’re a consistent company, we’re only consistent in that we only release the really amazing games.”

Since nothing has been said about the project Gibson worked on, it’s unlikely we’ll ever hear what the game was all about. What we do know, however, is that Blizzard have an important year ahead of them. The massive company restructure that saw hundreds of people get fired was tied to increased focus on development, and Blizzard’s new CEO J. Allen Brack’s doubled down on that last month. Blizzard also have a very important BlizzCon 2019 to present, given the disastrous 2018 edition and a riled-up hardcore fanbase.

Photo by: Blizzard

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