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For years, the abbreviation OSL has stood for some of the highest form of competition in esports. In year 2000, Korean broadcasting network OGN founded the OnGameNet StarLeague (OSL), which would become arguably the most prestigious StarCraft tournament in the world. After the BroodWar OSL’s were discontinued, OGN ran two StarCraft II editions as well — the 2012 Auction All Kill OSL and the 2013 WCS Season 2 Korea OSL.

Since then, however, the OSL brand has been largely dormant. OGN shifted their focus to League of Legends, producing the OGN Champions Korea (later LCK), until Riot Games took over the reigns in 2018. This in turn led to OGN exploring yet another esport in PUBG, which is when OGN used the OSL brand once again, running the OGN Super League Europe Invitational — a $69,000 tournament for the best PUBG teams in EU.

According to recent reports, however, OGN have the intention to truly revising the OSL this year. In a press conference last Wednesday, the company revealed plans for the 2019 OGN Super League — a multi-esports league covering eight titles, including the very popular Dota Auto Chess by Drodo Studio.

The Auto Chess tournament will start a month from now, May 29, and will run for seven weeks. Only the PC client of Auto Chess will be played, i.e. just the Dota 2 mod and not the mobile version.

There is no information yet about what the other seven titles in OSL will be, but OGN’s intention is to cover as many game platforms as possible. Seeing PUBG and PUBG Mobile would make the most sense, given OGN’s hosting of the North American NPL league, as well as PUBG Korea Contenders. Popular mobile titles like Arena of Valor are also a good fit, especially that it’s out on Switch now as well.

According to The Esports Observer, OGN will reveal the remaining title between June and October.

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