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Drodostudio, Dota 2 Auto Chess developer, has already released a bunch of images of the chess pieces that will be featured in the game’s mobile version.

According to the developer, the mobile version is to be released soon, however, those who want access to it right from the start should make a free reservation on Until the game is actually launched, we look into what the developer has posted so far about the chess pieces.  Given the fact that Auto Chess mobile is a standalone title, developed without Valve, the chess pieces’ models and names had to be reworked. Drodostudio released the images with what they say for now are just beta test names. The final version of each chess piece might be slightly different, but for now, these are their translated versions. Yuhui Zhu helped us gather all the names for you.

Elder of Turtle Shell: Human – Mage

Twistwood Saga: Elf-Druid

Siren: Naga – Hunter

Rock Spirit: Elemental – Warrior

Sky Dominator: Goblin – Mech

Admiral: Human – Warrior

Decay Mage: Undead – Mage

Flame Spirit Mage: Human – Mage

Redaxe Chieftain: Orc – Warrior

Soul Reaper: Undead – Warlock

Storm Shaman: Orc – Shaman

Ogre Magi: Ogre – Mage

Tidal Hunter: Naga – Hunter

Dragon Knight: Human – Dragon – Knight

Light-Scaled Dragon: Elf – Dragon – Mage

Psi-Blade Knight: Elf – Knight

Frost Knight: Troll – Knight

Hell Knight: Demon – Knight

Sleepless Ranger: Undead – Hunter

Gyrocopter: Dwarf – Mech

Soul Assassin: Goblin – Assassin

Windstrider: Elf – Hunter

Light Feather Assassin: Elf – Assassin

Sniper: Dwarf – Hunter

Betrayer: Troll – Shaman

Argali Knight: Human – Knight

Evil Knight: Undead – Knight

Torrent Spirit: Elemental – Assassin

Walrus Boxer: Beast – Warrior

Phantom Walker: Elf – Assassin

Enchanted Venom: Beast – Warlock

Ripper: Goblin – Mech

Thunder Spirit: Elemental – Mage

Werewolf: Human – Beast – Warrior

Shadow Fiend: Demon – Warlock

Abyssal Guardian: Naga – Warrior

Forbidden Demon Hunter: Elf – Demon Hunter

Doom Judge: Demon – Warrior

Fallen Demon Hunter: Demon – Demon Hunter

Witch Doctor: Troll – Warlock

Source of Magic: Human – Mage

Venom: Dragon – Assassin

Queen of Phantom: Demon – Assassin

Skullbash Hunter: Orc – Hunter

Sandland King: Beast – Assassin

Bomber: Goblin – Mech

Swordman: Orc – Warrior

Abyssal Walker: Naga – Assassin

Claw: Beast – Druid

Unicorn: Beast – Druid

Shadow Spirit: Elemental – Warlock

Berserker: Troll – Warrior

Poisoner: Goblin – Warlock

Destroyer: Goblin – Mech

Prophet of Wisdom: Elf – Druid

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