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Since Apex Legends launched on Feb. 4, fans have consumed more than 36.1M hours of its content on Twitch. This equals to an average of 5.17M each day, making for one substantial portion of Twitch’s every broadcast.

The data comes from TwitchTracker, which currently ranks Apex Legends as the #1 game on the platform, beating both League of Legends and Fortnite in popularity. In the seven days it’s been live, Respawn’s battle royale has scored more hours watched than Fortnite since the start of February and almost as much as LoL’s 36.6M hours. Being on the market for a shorter time, however, Apex Legends still leads in terms of hours watched/day ratio.

Apex will shoot for even higher numbers this week. Between Feb. 12-19, Twitch will hold the $200,000 TwitchRivals tournament for the brand new battle royale, inviting some of the biggest streamers on the platform. Professional esports organizations, like NRG Esports, have also already started to recruit players to kickstart their Apex Legends rosters.

Currently, Apex Legends averages 255K viewers daily. The game’s popularity dropped a bit compared to its launch day but is slowly recovering. Its peak numbers are also on the rise and Feb. 10 recorded a high-point of 428.5K — just 70K shy of the day 1 peak.

It all points towards that Apex Legends is here to stay.

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